* 1983, lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg.
She is a member of the queer-feminist choir Mala Sirena.

Before graduating in 2014 from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Video- and Video Installation, she studied singing, dancing and acting in Hamburg and completed a BA in Theatre, Film and Media Studies.

Katharina Aigner traces queer, lesbian narratives and deals with questions of visibility and a feminist-critical revision of an established canon and scene. Opening up thoughts on how to tell non-existent (her)stories she aims to discuss forms and politics of biographical research and queer historiography by asking in what way their opacity can become productive for differentiated translations through time and space. Her performative installations and video works have recently revolved around the writer Natalie Clifford Barney, whose salon in 1920s Paris was the meeting place of a lesbian artist milieu. Her current artistic research focuses on repressions of lesbian life during the Nazi regime. 

Recent shows: Raum*station Zurich/CHE (2019), KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin/DE (2019), curated_by Vienna/AUT (2018), after the butcher Berlin/DE (2018), Vienna Art Week (2018), Cité internationale des Arts Paris/France (2017), Topkino Vienna/ AUT (2017), Iselp Brussels/BE (2017). 2016 she received the renowned START stipend for Media Art by the Austrian Federal Chancellery. She has been an artist-in-resident at Cité internationale des Arts Paris (2017) and a resident of the BKA in Rome (2016). She is the recipient of the annual scholarship for media art Land Salzburg (2020).